AAAAA Quality Triangle Cut White Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

AAAAA Quality Triangle Cut White Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Price from Wuzhou China Manufacturer

Triangle cut is one of fancy cuts which have straight edges and three point corners with back point,  the faceting creating dazzling mesmerizing staircase effect. If you are going to get a lot of fire and  brilliance coming out of stone, triangle cut CZ will be your choice.  the Triangle cut has straight edges and pointed corners, whereas the Trillion cut is slightly curved. While the Trillion cut is based on the Brilliant style cut, the Triangle cut is a stepped facet cut. We are not only sell triangle cut cubic zirconia, but also sell trillion cut cubic zirconia stones. If you love to this timeless with triangle side CZ stone, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:  web:

Triangle Cut Cubic Zirconia AAAAA
Triangle Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones

Wholesale Square Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstones

Loose white E/F color moissanite square princess cut moissanite gemstones wholesale price from China supplier and manufacturer

Moissanite is lab created gems which similar with diamond, it's a fraction of cost of diamond. Moissanite are used to engagement ring, pendants and necklaces. It's forever brilliance like diamond. What we sell moissanite are best AAAAA quality with excellent polish and cutting. White moissanite is best diamond alternative, it can be passed diamond tester, it's much more fire & spark than a diamond. If you are looking for moissanite ring, you can buy a loose moissanite from us, and then take it
to jewelry shop to make a moissanite ring, like this you can save a lot budget and get best quality stone. Princess cut moissanite is one of classical cutting and large carat weight of moissanite is used to main stone of ring. Are you interested in buy a moissanite at wholesale price directly from China factory? We are your best supplier.

square white moissanite wholesale for sale
square white moissanite