3.0-5.0mm white moissanite loose stones wholesale China

AAAAA Quality E/F Color 3.0-5.0mm white moissanite loose stones wholesale China
Today moissanite is best alternative to real diamond, it's better than cubic zirconia, white moissanite is more close to diamond, it's more brilliance and luster than a diamond. Moissanite is fraction of cost of a real diamond, you can save a lot budget. If you just wear a ring daily, moissanite ring is best choice. Moissanite is 9.50 Moh's scale just softer than diamond(10 Moh's).  Thanks to technology, we can enhanced color to E/F color for moissanite stones.
D color is best color, but E/F color moissanite look more like a real diamond. You can't find difference between moissanite and diamond with naked eye. Where to buy a moissanite stone? How much a white moissanite? To find those answers, please contact us today!

white moissanite stones
3.00mm-5.00mm white moissanite
Round moissanite size(mm): 3.00   3.50    4.00   4.50    5.00   6.00   6.50    7.00   7.50   8.00    8.50    9.00    10.00

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