AAAAA Quality Round Cut Garnet Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Garnet
AAAAA Quality Loose Cubic Zirconia Garnet Red Color Brilliant Cut Hand Cut CZ Stones Russian Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Prices from China Supplier Manufacturer
We have a large collection of AAAAA grade garnet color CZ loose stones and most popular shape is round(diamond cut). Beautifully faceted Cubic Zirconia in the deepest garnet sangria red is dark garnet CZ.You buy the highest quality cubic zirconia stones at wholesale prices from our factory. Other fancy shapes garnet CZ are available. Stock Sizes: 0.80   0.90   1.00   1.20   1.25   1.30   1.40   1.50   1.75   1.80   2.00   2.25   2.50   2.75   3.00   3.50   4.00   4.50   5.00   5.50   6.00   6.50   7.00   7.50   8.00   8.50   9.00

garnet color cz stones wholesale
AAAAA quality cubic zirconia garnet
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