Moon Shape Cabochon Crystal Glass Gemstones

black moon shape glass gemstones
Glass crystal is anther gemstones which is very very cheap prices with hundreds of colors and shapes. Like cubic zirconia, glass gems are widely set to fashion jewelry crafts. Glass gemstones have many colors like blue, red, colorless, pink, orange, peridot, purple, champagne, black, black, green and more. Since rough of glass K9 is man made gemstones and it's very cheap cost, so we offer you best wholesale prices. Today I will show you a new irregular shape - moon cabochon glass gemstones. The following are some pictures as for your reference.

Pear Shaped Lab Created Blue Sapphire Gemstones Wholesale Prices

pear blue sapphire gemstones
Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstones on the earth, and it's hardly to find a flawless blue sapphire and what's more it's very expensive price like a mine diamond. To help everybody to get a cheap blue sapphire on their wears, scientists research and create an alternative to natural blue sapphire, it's lab created blue sapphire which carry the same physical, optical and chemical make up as their natural gemstone equivalent. Now you can buy loose lab created blue sapphire from our company. it's 9.00 Moh's on scale and less than diamond(being 10 Moh's). Pear cut lab created blue sapphire is one of center stones for your engagement rings, earrings and pendants. If you'd like get created sapphire at wholesale prices, please send us your e-mail to: