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AAAAA Quality Diamond Simulants Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut Loose CZ Stones D Colorless Cut Corner CZ Wholesale from China supplier.  If you’re looking for a stone with maximum fire and brilliance, then a radiant cut is for you.Our radiant cut diamond CZ is a beautiful rectangular shape, These stones look great in a ring or in earrings. In fact, a radiant cut simulated diamond cz is a square or rectangular gemstone with slightly cropped corners that give it a characteristic eye-catching sparkle.if you love the shape of the emerald cut but you’re not crazy about a step cut and you really want the brilliance and sparkle of a stone, then a radiant cut is a great choice.

Radiant Cut Simulated Diamond CZ Size(mm): 5x7  6x8   7x9   8x10   10x12   13x18 15x25 ...
Minimum quantity: 100pcs
Lead time: 8-15 days

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