Dark Ruby #8 Lab Created Gemstones

Wholesale Dark Ruby #8 Lab Created Gemstones  Red Synthetic Gems Corundum Wuzhou China Supplier Manufacturer Factory.

Sapphires and Rubies are in the Corundum family of gemstones, and are fairly easily created in the laboratory.Our created ruby #8 is pure without inclusion like natural ruby. The ruby #8 is safe to wax cast setting for jewelry making.  We usually have regular shapes ruby in stock like round, oval, marquise, heart, pear and square. Custom stone cutting services are also available. If you need a size and shape that we do not show on our website, please feel free to contact us and we can provide a quote for a custom cut stone.

lab ruby emerald step cut    synthetic ruby #8

oval ruby gemstones   oval ruby #8 stones

Lab Created ruby #8 regular shapes: round, heart, marquise, pear, oval, square princess , octagon step, asscher, tapper baguette, cushion, trillion, teardrop, hexagon, abacus, smooth beads, ball facet bead, five star and more fancy cuts. 

Round Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
0.80mm                  1.00mm                  1.25mm           1.30mm                  1.35mm                  1.40mm                1.45mm                   1.50mm           1.65mm                  1.75mm                  1.85mm                2.00mm                   2.15mm            2.25mm                  2.35mm              2.45mm               2.50mm                   2.75mm            2.85mm                  3.00mm                  3.25mm               3.50mm                   3.75mm            4.00mm                  4.25mm                   4.50mm               4.75mm                    5.00mm            5.50mm                5.75mm
6.00mm                6.50mm                  7.00mm           7.50mm                  8.00mm                   8.50mm              9.00mm                   9.50mm            10.00mm                11.00mm               12.00mm          13.00mm               14.00mm                 15.00mm         16.00mm            17.00mm            18.00mm               20.00mm

Oval/Pear Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
3×5mm           4×6mm                5×7mm              6×8mm         7×9mm           8×10mm         9×11mm               10×12mm       10×14mm      12×16mm         13×18mm            15×20mm

Square Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
2×2mm          2.5×2.5mm          3×3mm             3.5×3.5mm       4×4mm          5×5mm                6×6mm              7×7mm           8×8mm            9×9mm                10×10mm        11×11mm         12×12mm           13×13mm            14×14mm      15×15mm         16×16mm      17×17mm           18×18mm         19×19mm

Marquise Ruby #8  Gemstones Sizes:
2×4mm           2.5×5mm             3×6mm             3.5×7mm           4×8mm            5×10mm             6×12mm

Heart  Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
3×3mm         4×4mm                 5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm           8×8mm         9x9mm        10x10mm

Baguette  Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
2×4mm          2.5×5mm              3×5mm             3×6mm         4×6mm          4×8mm                 5×7mm              6×8mm          7×9mm           8×10mm            9×11mm              8×20mm      5×20mm              10×12mm            10×14mm      10×16mm      12×16mm         13×18mm          15×20mm        16×22mm          12×20mm         15×22mm          16×20mm

Trillion Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
3×3mm         4×4mm                 5×5mm             6×6mm         7×7mm        8×8mm           

9×9mm             10×10mm     11×11mm           12×12mm            13×13mm         14×14mm 

15×15mm      16×16mm            17×17mm         18×18mm       19×19mm         20×20mm

Asscher Ruby #8 Gemstones Sizes:
5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm               8×8mm        9×9mm            10×10mm            11×11mm          12×12mm         13×13mm        14×14mm            15×15mm         16×16mm    17×17mm          18×18mm          19×19mm         20×20mm

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