Loose Cubic Zirconia Ring Shape CZ Stones

colored cubic zirconia stones ring
Ring Shaped Loose Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones Fancy Cut Lab Created Gems Diamond Simulants Stones which it's cutting to ring shaped.  The following pictures of CZ rings  for your reference.

CZ ring shaped colors include colorless, pink, amethyst purple, violet, garnet, orange, jet black, champagne, yellow, blue, aquamarine blue, blue topaz, swiss blue, rose, blue, ruby red, sapphire blue, apple green, emerald green, canary yellow, coffee brown, peridot olive, smoky, tanzanite blue. We are real factory and provide you low wholesale prices at great quality stones for your jewelry making and design.

Minimum quantity: 100pcs

Quality: AAA, AAAAA

Delivery Time: 5-12 days

loose olive cubic zirconia ring
peridot cubic zirconia rings

loose ring shaped cz stones
pink cubic zirconia ring

loose ring shaped cz stones
black cubic zirconia ring

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