Glass Stones Crystal Gemstones Wholesale

Blue Glass Gemstones China
Loose Glass Gems Crystal Stones Wholesale Prices Artificial Gemstones Made In Wuzhou China Supplier. Glass gems is very Low and Cheap Wholesale Prices from factory. There are over a thousand colored glass gemstones with different shapes and cuts, such as blue glass gems, pink glass glass gems, red glass gems, aquamarine glass gems, green glass gems, yellow glass gemstones, purple glass gemstones, rose glass gems,olive glass gems, smoky glass gems and grey glass gems etc. 

Minimum order quantity: 500pcs

Available shapes: round, oval, marquise, square, pear, baguette, octagon, trillion and more.

Lead time: 2-10 days according to orders required.

Quality: AAA

Color chart: available

Marquise Green Gemstones               Red Glass Gemstone Wholesale

amethyst glass stones          dark green glass crystal

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