Fancy Oval Curved Shape CZ Stones

cubic zirconia olive saddle
Fancy Shape Oval Curved Cut CZ Stones Chinese Yuanbao Shape Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale with different colors include white, pink, garnet, yellow, lavender, black, champagne, blue, peridot, amethyst, violet, orange, smoky rhodolite, aqua blue, emerald green, apple green and much more. We provide general quality AAA with good cut and polish, it's drilled to hole for customized request. Oval curved shape is same as Chinese Yuanbao shape, it's named as saddle shape cubic zirconia. We are large manufacturer & factory which provide great quality (AAA and AAAAA) and steadily supply ability. If you are looking for customized fancy cut synthetic gemstones, please contact us!

Cubic Zirconia Stones CZ Pendant Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale

Loose CZ Stones Pendant
Cubic Zirconia Stones Loose CZ Gems Lab Created Gemstones Machine Cut Synthetic Stones CZ Pendant with colors and irregular shapes at wholesale prices from China supplier and manufacturer. There are many kinds of colorless cubic zirconia and colors cz stones for pendant design. Each piece cubic zirconia is great AAA quality with good luster and cut. CZ is cut to regular shapes like round, heart, pear, oval, cushion, rectangle, baguette, trillion, octagon 
square; irregular shapes include leaf, cross, checkerboard, cabochon, axe, asscher, tear drop, briolettes, flower, mango, bell, chinese yuanbao(curved oval shape), snowflake and more. As to colors, white, pink, orange, purple, blue, aquamarine blue, garnet red, champagne, lavender, black, chocolate coffee brown, peridot olive, emerald green, golden yellow, violet,