Cushion Peridot Cubic Zirconia Stones

cushion cubic zirconia stones
Loose Cushion peridot green cubic zirconia stones CZ gemstones

Cushion cut is one of popular shape in diamond stones, cubic zirconia is also cut to cushion style as diamond do. Today we show you cushion cut cubic zirconia in peridot color. It can help to create amazing jewelrys as your desire. We also have cushion CZ with many colors like yellow, pink, purple, champagne and more.
Material: cubic zirconia
Color: peridot olive
Quality: AAA
Size: 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10......

Purple Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut CZ Wholesale

Purple Color Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut CZ Wholesale Prices made by Korean Machine Cut Synthetic Gems Loose Facet Lab Created Gemstones for Jewelrys Ring, Pendant, Necklace. Looking for amethyst color cubic zirconia stones?We have exactly what you're looking for.

 Material: Zircon (synthetic gems)
Color: Purple
Cut: Emerald Cut
Shape: Octagon
Size(mm): 4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11   10x12   10x14
13x18    18x25    20x30

Black Round Beads Smooth Cubic Zirconia

round beads cubic zirconia black
Wholesale Cheap Prices for Loose Cubic Zirconia Beads black color cz stones smooth Polish Synthetic Gems Lab Created Gemstones European Machine Cut for Jewelry pendant,necklace and Craft DIY design.  You can get unbeatable quote with great quality from China manufacturer
and supplier. 

Material: Zirconia (man made gemstones)
Color: Jet Black
Size(mm): 1.0     1.50     2.00   2.50   3.0   3.50   4.0   4.50   5.00   6.00   6.50   7.00   7.50   8.00   9.00   10.0.....

AAAAA Quality Round Cut Garnet Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Garnet
AAAAA Quality Loose Cubic Zirconia Garnet Red Color Brilliant Cut Hand Cut CZ Stones Russian Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Prices from China Supplier Manufacturer
We have a large collection of AAAAA grade garnet color CZ loose stones and most popular shape is round(diamond cut). Beautifully faceted Cubic Zirconia in the deepest garnet sangria red is dark garnet CZ.You buy the highest quality cubic zirconia stones at wholesale prices from our factory. Other fancy shapes garnet CZ are available. Stock Sizes: 0.80   0.90   1.00   1.20   1.25   1.30   1.40   1.50   1.75   1.80   2.00   2.25   2.50   2.75   3.00   3.50   4.00   4.50   5.00   5.50   6.00   6.50   7.00   7.50   8.00   8.50   9.00

Shining Eye Cubic Zirconia Multiple Colors CZ

shining eye marquise cz wholesale
Shining Eye Cubic Zirconia Stones Multiple Colors CZ Loose Marquise Shaped Synthetic Gems Man Made Gemstones Wholesale Prices from China Factory

Now cubic zirconia is made in a variety of different colors like photos. Multiple colors CZ is more beauty and brilliance than regular single color CZ stones.

Material: synthetic zircon(man made gemstone)
Shape: Marquise 
Size: 5x10   6x12   7x14   8x16   9x18 mm
Quality: AAA
Minimum Qtty: 100pcs

Moon Shape Cabochon Crystal Glass Gemstones

black moon shape glass gemstones
Glass crystal is anther gemstones which is very very cheap prices with hundreds of colors and shapes. Like cubic zirconia, glass gems are widely set to fashion jewelry crafts. Glass gemstones have many colors like blue, red, colorless, pink, orange, peridot, purple, champagne, black, black, green and more. Since rough of glass K9 is man made gemstones and it's very cheap cost, so we offer you best wholesale prices. Today I will show you a new irregular shape - moon cabochon glass gemstones. The following are some pictures as for your reference.

Pear Shaped Lab Created Blue Sapphire Gemstones Wholesale Prices

pear blue sapphire gemstones
Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstones on the earth, and it's hardly to find a flawless blue sapphire and what's more it's very expensive price like a mine diamond. To help everybody to get a cheap blue sapphire on their wears, scientists research and create an alternative to natural blue sapphire, it's lab created blue sapphire which carry the same physical, optical and chemical make up as their natural gemstone equivalent. Now you can buy loose lab created blue sapphire from our company. it's 9.00 Moh's on scale and less than diamond(being 10 Moh's). Pear cut lab created blue sapphire is one of center stones for your engagement rings, earrings and pendants. If you'd like get created sapphire at wholesale prices, please send us your e-mail to:

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut CZ Stones Wholesale China

radiant cut white cubic zirconia wholesale
AAAAA Quality Diamond Simulants Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut Loose CZ Stones D Colorless Cut Corner CZ Wholesale from China supplier.  If you’re looking for a stone with maximum fire and brilliance, then a radiant cut is for you.Our radiant cut diamond CZ is a beautiful rectangular shape, These stones look great in a ring or in earrings. In fact, a radiant cut simulated diamond cz is a square or rectangular gemstone with slightly cropped corners that give it a characteristic eye-catching sparkle.if you love the shape of the emerald cut but you’re not crazy about a step cut and you really want the brilliance and sparkle of a stone, then a radiant cut is a great choice.

Radiant Cut Simulated Diamond CZ Size(mm): 5x7  6x8   7x9   8x10   10x12   13x18 15x25 ...
Minimum quantity: 100pcs
Lead time: 8-15 days

Teardrop Gemstone Beads Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

olive cubic zirconia teardrop beads
AAA Quality Teardrop Gemstone Beads Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones 4x6mm Machine Cut CZ Faceted Lab Created Gems Man Made Gems Water Drop Zirconia Sparkle Colored Stones with Top Drill for Necklace or Pendant Design Low Cheap Wholesale Prices from Factory Wuzhou China in World Capital of Synthetic GemstonesIts production capacity accounts for 90% of China's and 70% of the world's consumption. There is a variety of colored cubic zirconia stones for your option. 

Size: 4x6mm (customized sizes are available)

Quality: AAA

Minimum quantity: 100pcs

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Coffee Brown CZ Pear Stones

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Coffee Brown CZ Pear Shaped 13x18mm Stones Loose Gemstones Man Made Russia CZ Colored Synthetic Gems Cheap Wholesale Price sale to UK, USA, France, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Korean, Malaysia and more countries. 

Quality: AAAAA / AAA

Size: 13x18mm (customized sizes are available)

Color: Chocolate / Brown

Minimum quantity: 100pcs

Royal Blue Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia

blue synthetic gems
Royal Blue Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones AAAAA Quality Blue CZ Gems Lab Created Gemstones Wholesale Prices from China Manufacturer and Supplier

Blue Cubic Zirconia is second popular gemstones for jewelry design. Flawless royal blue natural sapphire is very expensive and it's very difficult to find one. So we introduce new technology method to man-made a blue color CZ stones which instead of royal blue sapphire.
They have same luster and brilliance,but you just need to a scrap of price. We carry different kinds of shapes and cuts for our clients. AAAAA quality blue CZ is an alternative to expensive gemstones. Brilliant cushion cut Cubic Zirconia is classical antique cushion cut for gemstones, the following pictures for your reference.

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut Gemstones

AAAAA pink emerald cut cubic zirconia
Top Grade AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut Gemstones Octagon Shaped Korean Machine Cut Man Made Gems Lab Created Gems CZ Loose Excellent Quality Synthetic Gems Wholesale Prices Made In China Manufacturer for Jewelry Making and Design

Emerald cut loose cubic zirconia hold great appeal to many for their understated elegance. Not as sparkly as round brilliant CZ, the regal emerald cut has larger facets cut in steps that reflect and refract light in long flashes. The elongated rectangular shape of the emerald cut is particularly graceful on the finger. The emerald cut actually has an octagonal outline with angular cuts on the corners. These are usually relatively small, providing a flat plane large enough for the prong to secure it, but not so large as to become a prominent part of the look of the cubic zirconia. With its straight sides and overall angularity, the emerald cut is stylistically very compatible with architectural design.Emerald Cut CZ stones are very popularity for center stones of engagement rings. AAAAA quality loose cz stones of emerald cut catch people's eyes around you. Cubic Zirconia is flawless diamond simulants with 8.0-8.50Moh's scale . 

Orange Loose Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

orange synthetic gems
Orange Loose Cubic Zirconia Wholesale European Machine Cut Synthetic Gems Created Gemstones Round Brilliant Cut CZ Stones Colored Gems AAA Quality Factory Price China

Small sizes loose cubic zirconia orange stones are very suitable for jewelry pave setting and micro setting. Most of cubic zirconia stones are widely set in 925 silver jewelry, copper jewelry and golden jewelry. Some of amateurs do stones into DIY design as their desire. 

We provide orange colored loose cubic zirconia at great quality and best wholesale factory prices.Sizes from 1.00, 1.1, 1.2, 1.25 1.3  1.5 to 10.00mm

Loose Natural Gemstones Wholesale China

Buy Loose Natural Gemstones Loose Semi-Precious and Precious Stones: Sapphire, Spinel, White Topaz, Garnet, Tourmaline, Opal, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, swiss blue topaz, aquamarine,sky blue topaz,chrome diopside, Blue Sapphire, Peridot, Smoky Topaz and more.

Natural gemstones shapes: round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, square, baguette, trillion, octagon.

Minimum quantity: 100pcs

Quality: AA-AAA

Dark Ruby #8 Lab Created Gemstones

Wholesale Dark Ruby #8 Lab Created Gemstones  Red Synthetic Gems Corundum Wuzhou China Supplier Manufacturer Factory.

Sapphires and Rubies are in the Corundum family of gemstones, and are fairly easily created in the laboratory.Our created ruby #8 is pure without inclusion like natural ruby. The ruby #8 is safe to wax cast setting for jewelry making.  We usually have regular shapes ruby in stock like round, oval, marquise, heart, pear and square. Custom stone cutting services are also available. If you need a size and shape that we do not show on our website, please feel free to contact us and we can provide a quote for a custom cut stone.

Cubic Zirconia Facet Beads

facet beads cubic zirconia
Loose Cubic Zirconia Faceted Beads Ball Football Shape Machine Cut CZ Synthetic Gems Created Gemstones Drilled Hope Made In China Manufacturer Supplier

Material: cubic zirconia, lab spinel, created ruby sapphire corundum 

Sizes: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0mm

Colors:clear/white, garnet, orange, champagne, violet, purple, blue, smoky rhodolite, rose, pink, black, lavender, aqua blue, swiss blue, green, golden yellow, canary yellow, peridot olive.

Cubic Zirconia Abacus Faceted Beads

abacus gemstones bead
Loose Cubic Zirconia Faceted Abacus CZ Beads Suncatcher Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale Factory Price.Synthetic Gemstones material: cubic zirconia, lab created spinel, lab ruby Lab created sapphire corundum and glass crystal.

Size: 4x6    5x8     6x9     7x10        8x12    10x14mm......

Color: pink, white, orange, garnet, champagne, blue, rose, black, canary yellow, violet, golden yellow, peridot, emerald green, smoky,lavender and more.

MOQ: 100pcs
Drilled Hole:1.00mm

Glass Stones Crystal Gemstones Wholesale

Blue Glass Gemstones China
Loose Glass Gems Crystal Stones Wholesale Prices Artificial Gemstones Made In Wuzhou China Supplier. Glass gems is very Low and Cheap Wholesale Prices from factory. There are over a thousand colored glass gemstones with different shapes and cuts, such as blue glass gems, pink glass glass gems, red glass gems, aquamarine glass gems, green glass gems, yellow glass gemstones, purple glass gemstones, rose glass gems,olive glass gems, smoky glass gems and grey glass gems etc. 

Minimum order quantity: 500pcs

Available shapes: round, oval, marquise, square, pear, baguette, octagon, trillion and more.

Loose Cubic Zirconia Ring Shape CZ Stones

colored cubic zirconia stones ring
Ring Shaped Loose Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones Fancy Cut Lab Created Gems Diamond Simulants Stones which it's cutting to ring shaped.  The following pictures of CZ rings  for your reference.

CZ ring shaped colors include colorless, pink, amethyst purple, violet, garnet, orange, jet black, champagne, yellow, blue, aquamarine blue, blue topaz, swiss blue, rose, blue, ruby red, sapphire blue, apple green, emerald green, canary yellow, coffee brown, peridot olive, smoky, tanzanite blue. We are real factory and provide you low wholesale prices at great quality stones for your jewelry making and design.

Minimum quantity: 100pcs

Star Shape Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones

Star Blue CZ Gems
Star Shape Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones Loose Gems Synthetic Gemstones Pentagram Loose Stones
Lab created gemstones star shape.
Synthetic Gems star shape.
Lab Spinel, Lab Blue Sapphire Corundum.

Star CZ Stones Sizes: 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10 mm
Star CZ Loose Gems colors: white, pink, blue, tanzanite, swiss blue, aquamarine, lavender, violet, orange, siam garnet red, jet black, apricot, columbian emerald green, smoky, apple green, peridot olive, blue topaz, golden yellow, canary yellow.

Cabochon Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones

green CZ Stones round cabochon
Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones Cabochon CZ Cabochon Flat Black Smooth Top Synthetic Gemstones from China Manufacturer at Cheap Wholesale Price. Round cabochon CZ, oval cabochon CZ, heart cabochon CZ, pear cabochon CZ, marquise cabochon CZ and more.

Colors are available include white, pink, amethyst, yellow, peridot, garnet red, champagne, blue, orange, smoky rhodolite, black, emerald green, aqua blue, tanzanite blue, swiss blue, rose, violet, lavender, color change cz. 

Ice Cubic Zirconia

violet ice cubic zirconia
New Style CZ Stones Ice Cubic Zirconia Stones have many beautiful colors. There are many shapes for cuts include round, marquise, heart, pear, emerald, square, trillion, radiant, oval and more.

Ice cubic zirconia stone colors as below:

1.rose red ice cubic zirconia ice cubic zirconia

3.garnet ice cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Color CZ Stones

synthetic gemstones
Cubic Zirconia Birthstone Color CZ Stones Made In China Supplier Factory Cheap Wholesale Price

January Birthstone: Garnet Cubic Zirconia

February Birthstone: Amethyst Cubic Zirconia

March Birthstone: Aquamarine Blue Cubic Zirconia

April Birthstone: White Cubic Zirconia

Onion Cut Briolette Beads CZ Stones

Teardrop Bead Cubic Zirconia
Onion Cut Briolette Beads CZ Stones come with varies colors include white, pink, violet, black, lavender, aqua blue, orange, garnet red, champagne, tanzanite blue, swiss blue, emerald green, amethyst, smoky, peridot, golden yellow, rose, canary yellow. We provide good quality AAA CZ stones with good cut and polish, it's drilled to hole for customized request. The tear drop briolettes CZ is widely used for pendants, necklaces, earrings, art design and more. We as a loose gemstone factory which offer great quality with best wholesale prices for our clients. The following pictures as for your reference.

Fancy Oval Curved Shape CZ Stones

cubic zirconia olive saddle
Fancy Shape Oval Curved Cut CZ Stones Chinese Yuanbao Shape Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale with different colors include white, pink, garnet, yellow, lavender, black, champagne, blue, peridot, amethyst, violet, orange, smoky rhodolite, aqua blue, emerald green, apple green and much more. We provide general quality AAA with good cut and polish, it's drilled to hole for customized request. Oval curved shape is same as Chinese Yuanbao shape, it's named as saddle shape cubic zirconia. We are large manufacturer & factory which provide great quality (AAA and AAAAA) and steadily supply ability. If you are looking for customized fancy cut synthetic gemstones, please contact us!

Cubic Zirconia Stones CZ Pendant Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale

Loose CZ Stones Pendant
Cubic Zirconia Stones Loose CZ Gems Lab Created Gemstones Machine Cut Synthetic Stones CZ Pendant with colors and irregular shapes at wholesale prices from China supplier and manufacturer. There are many kinds of colorless cubic zirconia and colors cz stones for pendant design. Each piece cubic zirconia is great AAA quality with good luster and cut. CZ is cut to regular shapes like round, heart, pear, oval, cushion, rectangle, baguette, trillion, octagon 
square; irregular shapes include leaf, cross, checkerboard, cabochon, axe, asscher, tear drop, briolettes, flower, mango, bell, chinese yuanbao(curved oval shape), snowflake and more. As to colors, white, pink, orange, purple, blue, aquamarine blue, garnet red, champagne, lavender, black, chocolate coffee brown, peridot olive, emerald green, golden yellow, violet,

Apple Green Loose Facet Cubic Zirconia

round apple green cz stones
Apple green color is another new color for loose cubic zirconia, green cubic zirconia have three options include peridot green cz, apple green cz and emerald green cz. Loose cubic zirconia is harder and durable stones for jewelry setting and casting. Apple green CZ is widely used in jewelry include rings, pendants, earrings, band, necklaces and nail decoration. The cheap and hot sale stone is AAA quality CZ, thanks to high technology cutting machines(include European machine, Korean machine, Taiwan machine and China machine) and skilled & experienced masters. The top quality CZ is AAAAA grade stone with excellent cut and very great spark. You have a large collection of shapes and sizes to choice. Shapes include round, heart, oval, leaf, baguette, tapper, asscher, square, octagon, emerald, original radiant cut and

Violet Gemstones Zirconia Stones

rectangle cushion cubic zirconia violet
You can buy violet loose gemstones cubic zirconia stones at wholesale prices directly from China manufacturer.We have a large collection of violet CZ stones in different shapes include round violet cz, oval violet cz,heart violet cz,pear violet cz, marquise violet cz, square princess violet cz, octagon violet cz, emerald violet cz, asscher violet cz, radiant violet cz, cushion violet cz, trillion violet cz and much more. We usually produce AAA quality CZ in stock and meet fast delivery request. All violet gemstones are cut by high precision machine which from European, Korean, Taiwan and China. It's safe to wax casting setting, metal clay and torch-fire. We usually receive inquiry which ask for the top quality AAAAA violet cz stones,

Lavender Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ

lavender heart cubic zirconia
Lavender cubic zirconia is one of colors synthetic gemstones, cubic zirconia is a man-made composition made to simulate diamonds. We provide a large selection of lavender cz stones in a variety of shapes and sizes. Lavender CZ is cut to shapes include round, heart, oval, pear, square, baguette, marquise, octagon, trillion, cushion, radiant, asscher, tapper, triangle and more. The regular quality is AAA for all normal cuts for lavender cubic zirconia stones. The best quality AAAAA is excellent grade with extremely spark and brilliance. Lavender CZ can help you to create a amazing things which you would love. We usually have regular shapes stones in stock for fast delivery. How to know our stock stones, please contact us! We are a leading manufacturer which supply best wholesale prices for you.

Black Cubic Zirconia CZ Stones

tear drop black cubic zirconia
Black Cubic Zirconia will frame your beautiful jewelry, we carry sparkling black CZ in thousands of varies shapes and sizes. You will love our collection of black cubic zirconia stones which help you to create amazing things. Cubic zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The synthesized material is hard, optically flawless and look like a black agate stones with best quality AAAAA. Due to AAAAA black cubic zirconia is rapidly rising, so AAA black cz is very popular at cheap wholesale prices and fast delivery time.Each piece black cz stone is cut by high precision machine which from Taiwan, Korean or European. You have many shapes and sizes to choose,

Golden Yellow Cubic Zirconia Stones

oval yellow cubic zirconia
Golden yellow cubic zirconia is similar with citrine yellow stones.Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Sunday’s color is golden-yellow.Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness. Golden Yellow Gemstones can mean deceit, and creates a disoriented feeling. There are a large collection of golden yellow cz stones from our factory,AAA quality yellow cubic zirconia is very popular because it's cheap wholesale prices. We usually make loose yellow cz stones in stock for fast delivery. A large shapes and sizes for your choice. include round, marquise, heart, pear, oval, baguette, tapper, cushion, asscher, octagon, square and much more. Each piece stone is cut by our skilled & experienced cutter.We also cut the top quality AAAAA yellow CZ with excellent spark.