White Cubic Zirconia Stones

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White cubic zirconia stones are one of alternative diamond and 8.5 moh's scale just close to diamond 10 moh's. White CZ is also called clear CZ or colorless CZ, because of transparent facet rough cubic zirconia without any inclusion like natural stones. CZ was found in Russia since 1987, so it's named Russia CZ or Russia Diamond. Due to a diamond is very expensive , so CZ become alternative of diamond. As a matter facet, CZ is better than diamond in fire and spark. CZ possess fire, brilliance, and luster that far surpasses even that of a diamond.Now white cubic zirconia is cut by hand or machine, AAA white CZ usually cut by automatically machine which from Taiwan and China;
The top grade AAAAA white Cubic Zirconia usually cut by hand and cutting-machines from European and Korean. Our CZ is safe to wax casting as customers' request, it's not burn and discolored for casting in high temperature stay in oven, the stones should be 5A quality. The following are regular shapes like round, marquise, heart, cushion, asscher, oval and pear ...

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