Pink Loose Cubic Zirconia

pear loose cubic zirconia pinkLike diamonds, the best cubic zirconia gems are colorless (or white CZ, as most people describe their colors) and do not lose their color or brilliance. Provided proper cleaning, the loose CZ stones will hold its own flawless,spark and radiant beauty permanently, just as the diamond does. To fulfill the jewelers’ need for colors besides the unbeatable brilliancy, manufacturers also produce colored cubic zirconia. It is available in a variety of colors. Now we bring you pink cubic zirconia stones which is cut by difference shapes like round, marquise, heart, baguette, tapper, oval, cushion, asscher, pear, square, octagon, flower lily and more. Just like most higher-end diamonds, pink loose cz stones are cut to the highest quality for jewelry setting's request, AAAAA pink CZ is your best preferred. Due to 8.50 Moh's scale, it's resistance hit of everyday wear. Pink is lovely baby color and most jewelry use it to setting. What's more, pink cubic zirconia is very affordable cost directly from our manufacturer & factory.
The output of pink cz is up to 3,000,000pcs per month. New and advanced technology cutting-machines are introduced to our factory and meet your huge order quantity request.

pink cushion cz stones   heart cut cubic zirconia stones pink

oval cz stones pink   round cut cz stones pink

pink loose cz stones   pink princess cut cz loose

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