Garnet Red Cubic Zirconia

round garnet cubic zirconia
Garnet stones is classical gemstones in mine, due to people looking for more cheap low price but an alternative to natural stones, that is garnet red cubic zirconia stones. Garnet CZ look like a natural loose garnet and it's flawless and without inclusion like natural one. What's more, it's very low wholesale prices from our manufacturer. Garnet red have 3 shades include light garnet cz, medium garnet cz and dark garnet cz. Medium garnet CZ is first selected to customers if they have not  request shades. We usually have AAA grade loose garnet cz stones in stock. Jewelers would have any sizes and cuts to choice. Garnet CZ shapes include round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, baguette, Pandora beads, tear drop, octagon, tapper, square, cushion, asscher, concave and much more. 

marquise garnet cubic zirconia stones   pear garnet red cubic zirconia

oval garnet cz stones   tear drop garnet loose cubic zirconia
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