CZ Peridot Zirconia Olive

olive loose cubic zirconia
Olive Cubic Zirconia (also called peridot color cubic zirconia) is one of colors loose synthetic gemstones in artificial stones family. Olive CZ usually used to alternative to real peridot stones. Due to peridot CZ stones can be cut to any shapes include regular and irregular cuts you prefer, what's more, it's flawless and at LOW affordable price from our factory. AAAAA grade cubic zirconia stones are better than a natural one. It's hardness on 8.50 Moh's. The stone have three shades from light olive cz, medium olive cz to dark olive cz. They can cut to hundreds shapes loose zirconia include round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, octagon, flower, axe, square, baguette and much more.  Peridot cubic zirconia is beautiful color stones and help you to create amazing things. We usually cut some regular shapes stones in stock and fast delivery for our customers.

peridot baguette cz gemstones   oval peridot loose cubic zirconia

pear cut peridot cz    tear drop peridot cz stones

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