CZ Peridot Zirconia Olive

olive loose cubic zirconia
Olive Cubic Zirconia (also called peridot color cubic zirconia) is one of colors loose synthetic gemstones in artificial stones family. Olive CZ usually used to alternative to real peridot stones. Due to peridot CZ stones can be cut to any shapes include regular and irregular cuts you prefer, what's more, it's flawless and at LOW affordable price from our factory. AAAAA grade cubic zirconia stones are better than a natural one. It's hardness on 8.50 Moh's. The stone have three shades from light olive cz, medium olive cz to dark olive cz. They can cut to hundreds shapes loose zirconia include round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, octagon, flower, axe, square, baguette and much more.  Peridot cubic zirconia is beautiful color stones and help you to create amazing things. We usually cut some regular shapes stones in stock and fast delivery for our customers.

Garnet Red Cubic Zirconia

round garnet cubic zirconia
Garnet stones is classical gemstones in mine, due to people looking for more cheap low price but an alternative to natural stones, that is garnet red cubic zirconia stones. Garnet CZ look like a natural loose garnet and it's flawless and without inclusion like natural one. What's more, it's very low wholesale prices from our manufacturer. Garnet red have 3 shades include light garnet cz, medium garnet cz and dark garnet cz. Medium garnet CZ is first selected to customers if they have not  request shades. We usually have AAA grade loose garnet cz stones in stock. Jewelers would have any sizes and cuts to choice. Garnet CZ shapes include round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, baguette, Pandora beads, tear drop, octagon, tapper, square, cushion, asscher, concave and much more. 

CZ Gemstones Amethyst Purple

Cushion Amethyst Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic man made gemstones with inexpensive price and diamond simulated. Purple CZ is an alternative to natural mine amethyst crystal, so it's called amethyst cz. Compare with natural amethyst quartz,  purple cubic zirconia is flawless without any inclusion and it's easily to get it at affordable price, they are same color and compose. You can choose difference shades color of purple stones like light purple CZ, medium purple CZ and dark purple CZ. Amethyst CZ is vivi color for your fashion jewelry design. 
Purple cubic zirconia is faceted into many cuts like brilliant cut, marquise cut, heart cut, cushion cut, asscher cut, pear cut, oval cut and much more.Amethyst CZ stone is used in all forms of jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.Ornamental objects are occasionally also carved from large purple cz and sizes like 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm ...100mm.

Pink Loose Cubic Zirconia

pear loose cubic zirconia pinkLike diamonds, the best cubic zirconia gems are colorless (or white CZ, as most people describe their colors) and do not lose their color or brilliance. Provided proper cleaning, the loose CZ stones will hold its own flawless,spark and radiant beauty permanently, just as the diamond does. To fulfill the jewelers’ need for colors besides the unbeatable brilliancy, manufacturers also produce colored cubic zirconia. It is available in a variety of colors. Now we bring you pink cubic zirconia stones which is cut by difference shapes like round, marquise, heart, baguette, tapper, oval, cushion, asscher, pear, square, octagon, flower lily and more. Just like most higher-end diamonds, pink loose cz stones are cut to the highest quality for jewelry setting's request, AAAAA pink CZ is your best preferred. Due to 8.50 Moh's scale, it's resistance hit of everyday wear. Pink is lovely baby color and most jewelry use it to setting. What's more, pink cubic zirconia is very affordable cost directly from our manufacturer & factory.

White Cubic Zirconia Stones

oval cz stonesLoose White Cubic Zirconia Stones CZ Diamond Wholesale Prices In Stock from China Manufacturer

White cubic zirconia stones are one of alternative diamond and 8.5 moh's scale just close to diamond 10 moh's. White CZ is also called clear CZ or colorless CZ, because of transparent facet rough cubic zirconia without any inclusion like natural stones. CZ was found in Russia since 1987, so it's named Russia CZ or Russia Diamond. Due to a diamond is very expensive , so CZ become alternative of diamond. As a matter facet, CZ is better than diamond in fire and spark. CZ possess fire, brilliance, and luster that far surpasses even that of a diamond.Now white cubic zirconia is cut by hand or machine, AAA white CZ usually cut by automatically machine which from Taiwan and China;

Warm White Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulated

Warm White H-J Color Loose Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulated Stones

AAAAA Cubic Zirconia
CZ Diamond Simulated
A diamond is very expensive and very rare for flawless diamond without inclusion. Today there is good alternative stones(cubic zirconia) which have a great luster, sparkle like a diamond, what's more, it's very affordable price and 8.5 moh's scale close to diamond, it can withstand everyday  wear. Due to colorless diamond is very rarely to find out, we now have introduced new technology equipment and produce near colorless warm white cubic zirconia diamond.
Most of loose cubic zirconia is clear/white stones without any inclusion, now H-J color and faint tint KLM are also available. If you are looking for more dark color, light yellow CZ diamond and light  canary yellow CZ diamond are your best choice. 

As to cut, round shapes cz diamond is 8 hearts and 8 arrows cut (star cut) or 10 hearts and 10 arrows stones. Like diamond, you can buy many different kinds of shapes include pear, heart, marquise, square, emerald, asscher and brilliant cushion and much more. Warm white cubic zirconia as an alternative stone, it should be the highest AAAAAA grade with excellent cut and show best fire when you wear.