Popular Fancy Cubic Zirconia Color Loose CZ Zirconium Machine Cut Man Made Gemstones

Popular Fancy Cubic Zirconia Color Loose CZ Zirconium Machine Cut Man Made Gemstones

We usually have regular shapes of cubic zirconia such as round, marquise, heart, pear, oval, square, octagon, emerald, beads and baguette tapper. But now we make all kinds of fancy cut cz with different sizes and colors. It's amazing design for your create. Each piece man-made stones are wonderful for jewelry setting and decoration. The following cuts are for your reference.
Half Moon Cabochon Cubic Zirconia Stones
moon shape cabochon gemstones

  1. Round Step Cut Cubic Zirconia
  2. Round Hexagon Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
  3. Oval Checkerboard Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
  4. Baguette Checkerboard Cut Cubic Zirconia
  5. Square Cross Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
  6. Octagon Millennium Cut Cubic Zirconia
  7. Trillion Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
  8. Square Concave Cut Cubic Zirconia
  9. Bullet Cut Cubic Zirconia
  10. Shuttle Cut Cubic Zirconia
  11. Arch Cut Cubic Zirconia
  12. Cross Cut Cubic Zirconia
  13. Shield Cut Cubic Zirconia
  14. Mango Cut Cubic Zirconia
  15. Bell Cut Cubic Zirconia
  16. Chinese Yuanbao Cut Cubic Zirconia
  17. Axe Cut Cubic Zirconia
  18. Oval Fancy Cut Cubic Zirconia
  19. Bow knot Cut Cubic Zirconia
  20. Bell Arch Cubic Zirconia
  21. Cashew Cut Cubic Zirconia
  22. Arch Bridge Cut Cubic Zirconia
  23. Star Cut Cubic Zirconia
  24. Snowflake Cut Cubic Zirconia
  25. Double Cone Cubic Zirconia
  26. Chinese Cabbage Cubic Zirconia
  27. half-moon cut Cubic Zirconia
  28. polygon cut Cubic Zirconia
  29. hexagon cut Cubic Zirconia
  30. pentagon cut Cubic Zirconia
  31. kite Cubic Zirconia
  32. leaf Cubic Zirconia
  33. butterfly cut Cubic Zirconia
  34. left and right cut Cubic Zirconia
  35. tapper cut Cubic Zirconia
  36. checkerboard cut Cubic Zirconia
  37. cabochon cut Cubic Zirconia
Apple Shape Cabochon Gemstones
apple shape cabochon gemstones

For more detail of cutting picture, please check fancy cut.

If you are looking for non-regular cut cubic zirconia, please feel free to contact us any time!

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