Loose Round Beads Cubic Zirconia Facet Ball Color CZ Stones Synthetic Gemstones for Charms Bracelets

Loose Round Beads Cubic Zirconia Facet Ball Color CZ Stones Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale Prices China

facet beads ball synthetic gemstonesRound facet ball cubic zirconia is widely used in class style necklace and charms bracelet. There are 3 shapes beads cz cuttings such as football facet ball cutting, lantern cutting(half round facet ball) and round smooth cutting. we also make custom order cz with drilled hole for customers. Each piece round cz bead is cut by machine with accurate cutting. The output of loose balls & beads are up to 50,000,000 pieces monthly. There are many colors are available including crystal white clear cz beads, pink cz beads, amethyst  cz beads, lavender  cz beads, peridot  cz beads, orange cz beads, golden yellow  cz beads, aquamarine cz beads, black cz beads, canary yellow cz beads, ruby red cz beads, emerald green cz beads, champagne cz beads, garnet  cz beads, coffee brown cz beads and sapphire blue cz beads. 

We provide loose cz facet ball stones with great cutting and nice polishing with good spark and brilliance. Many jewelry fans and designers, jewellers prefer to colour cz beads for their jewelry designs. The cubic zirconia is good to wax casting, metal clay, kiln and torch-fire. If you have custom diagram and it's available to cut.

smooth beads cz stones
round smooth beads cubic zirconia

round beads cz
round beads synthetic gemstones

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facet round beads cubic zirconia
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