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Swarovski introduced the Aurora Borealis crystal bead in 1956. These special crystals were named after the Northern Lights---or the Aurora Borealis---because of a special coating that causes them to reflect a multitude of colors. Shortened to AB, the abbreviation appears as a suffix after the name of the bead. "Crystal AB" or "Garnet AB" are two examples.

Coating is chemically bonded to the outer surface of a cubic zirconia.While a standard cubic zirconia already possesses strong reflective properties, a bead with an AB coating acts somewhat like a mirror while reflecting a rainbow of colors. The coating is typically only applied to one side of the cubic zirconia so the transparent portion of the bead is still visible.
We can provide colors plated service with AB color and mystic colors. available shapes: Oval, Octagon, Pear, Round, Trillion, Heart, Square & Cushion (All sizes) and in any quantity; for more information please contact us.

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