Cubic Zirconia Gemstones Colors Card from China Supplier and Manufacturer

As you see on the cubic zirconia gemstones marekt, there are many kinds of colors cz stones.Today let you know how many colors for cubic zirconia stones which many people love colors.White or clear cz is selled on the market like diamond look.

Cubic Zirconia Gemstones colors cards are listed as below:

Cubic Zirconia White

Cubic Zirconia Pink 

Cubic Zirconia Olive

Cubic Zirconia Garnet 

Cubic Zirconia Purple 

Cubic Zirconia Peridot 

Cubic Zirconia Orange 

Cubic Zirconia Smoke 

Cubic Zirconia Amethyst 

Cubic Zirconia Aquamarine 

Cubic Zirconia Champagne 

Cubic Zirconia Apple Green 

Cubic Zirconia Coffee Brown 

Cubic Zirconia Golden Yellow

fancy cut cubic zirconia gemstones color:
Some of cubic zirconia stones colors are to separated 3 grade colors,for example,cubic zirconia light garnet, cubic zirconia middle garnet, cubic zirconia dark garnet. 

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Loose cubic zirconia white brilliant cut round size gemstones wholesale supplier

Loose cubic zirconia white brilliant cut round size gemstones wholesale supplier

Many people like diamond brilliant cut with shine and fire,so white loose cubic zirconia brilliant cut gems is also look like diamond.Cubic Zirconia stone is very popular and hot sell in jewelry industry. We supply white brilliant cut cubic zirconia loose stone with wholesale price in China.We usually make some sizes of loose cz stones in stock for jewelry designers. The normal sizes of cubic zirconia stones as below:

Round Loose cubic zirconia stones with wholesale price in China factory:
white round cubic zirconia 0.80mm                
white round cubic zirconia 1.00mm              
white round cubic zirconia 1.25mm               
white round cubic zirconia 1.30mm
white round cubic zirconia 1.35mm                 
white round cubic zirconia 1.40mm            
white round cubic zirconia 1.45mm                 
white round cubic zirconia1.50mm
white round cubic zirconia 1.65mm                  
white round cubic zirconia 1.75mm              
white round cubic zirconia1.85mm                
white round cubic zirconia 2.00mm
white round cubic zirconia 2.15mm                 
white round cubic zirconia 2.25mm             
white round cubic zirconia 2.35mm                
white round cubic zirconia 2.45mm
white round cubic zirconia 2.50mm                
white round cubic zirconia 2.65mm             
white round cubic zirconia 2.75mm                
white round cubic zirconia 2.85mm
white round cubic zirconia 3.00mm                 
white round cubic zirconia 3.25mm              
white round cubic zirconia 3.50mm                
white round cubic zirconia 3.75mm
white round cubic zirconia 4.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 4.25mm              
white round cubic zirconia 4.50mm              
white round cubic zirconia 4.75mm
white round cubic zirconia 5.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 5.25mm              
white round cubic zirconia 5.50mm                 
white round cubic zirconia 5.75mm
white round cubic zirconia 6.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 6.50mm              
white round cubic zirconia 7.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 7.50mm
white round cubic zirconia 8.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 8.50mm              
white round cubic zirconia 9.00mm                
white round cubic zirconia 9.50mm
white round cubic zirconia 10.00mm              
white round cubic zirconia 11.00mm             
white round cubic zirconia 12.00mm              
white round cubic zirconia 13.00mm
white round cubic zirconia 14.00mm              
white round cubic zirconia 15.00mm            
white round cubic zirconia 16.00mm              
white round cubic zirconia 17.00mm

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Lab Created Cubic Zirconia Gems and Synthetic Gemstones China Supplier and Manufacuturer

Are you looking for Lab Created Cubic Zirconia Gems,Synthetic Gems Supplier, Exporter and the Real Manufacturer from the Real Factory in China?

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We offer a large kinds of shapes and sizes including round & square sizes, and also heart, oval, octagon, baguette,tapper,flowers,ax,marquise, pear,star shape and so on.

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CZ Gemstones offical Cubic Zirconia Stone Manufacturer Profile are a professional Supplier and Exporter which have many years experience in manufacturing Loose Cubic Zirconia (CZ diamond) and lab created gems, hand-cut or machine-cuting Cubic zirconia, gemstones with quality from A quality, AAA quality and Top AAAAA quality for jewelry manufacturer.

We are able to produce a wide range of gemstones with materials which could be cubic zirconia, spinel and corundum.

CZ round Sizes:
0.8,0.9,1.00,1.25,1.30,1.40,1.50,1.75, 1.80, 2.00,2.25,2.50,2.75,3.0,3.25,3.50,3.75,

4.00,4.25,4.50,4.75,5.00 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00 ....100.00mm

Lab created cubic zirconia cutting:heart and arrow,round brilliant cut,oval cut,pear cut,marquise cut,princess cut,heart cut,trillion cut, asscher cut,baguette cut,emerald cut,radiant cut,cushion cut,concave cut, fancy cut. 

Gemstone CZ color: white,amethyst,aqua,black,champagne,coffee ,garnet,lavender,orange,

olive,peridot,  pink,tanzanite, yellow,apple green,emerald green.

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Cubic Zirconia Gemstone History

No longer standing in the shadows of other diamonds or other gemstones, cubic zirconia or CZ gemstones for short has established itself as a fan favorite in the jewelry industry.
Dating as far back as 1937, cubic zirconia was originally discovered in its natural state by two mineralogists from Germany.  Not particularly impressed with their new discovery, no name was given to their find.
Fast forward to the 1970’s…Soviet scientists began growing the cubic zirconia crystals in a laboratory setting.  In 1977, the first CZ gemstones were sold into gemstone market.In the 1980’s a renowned producer of leaded crystal from Australia began producing CZ gemstones with mass production.
Consumers went wild for this sparkling new gemstone that looked identical to a diamond, but was low the cost of a diamond.  Jewelry designers loved the versatility of the CZ stone as it is come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.  It can be used in bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings etc. Cubic zirconia gemstones fool many people into thinking that they are looking at real diamond.  To the untrained eye, CZ stones look very real.  Upon close examination, you might notice that cubic zirconia gemstones have more flashes of color (fire) than natural diamonds do.  CZ stones also have a smaller amount of sparkle or brilliance than a diamond does.  With the naked eye, fine AAAAA rated loose cut CZ stones have been known to fool trained gemologists on occasion, so don’t be surprised if you are not able to tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia.

cubic zirconia round blue topaz
cubic zirconia round amethyst

cubic zirconia round blue
cubic zirconia round pink

cubic zirconia round white

You’ll find that our Cubic Zirconia stones are the finest diamond alternative as they come close to matching the characteristics of real diamonds.People love CZ stones just like diamond, it's cheap gemstone with brilliance same as diamond. 

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