Synthetic Opal Color Chart

Synthetic Opal is one of synthetic gems which very beautiful and attractive colors, it' cut to a varies of shapes and sizes. Now we can supply many colors of opals to market. There are some series of hues included white, red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Below is photo of synthetic opal color chart as for your reference. We also make many fancy shapes opals according to customers design drawing. If you can't find the color which you desire, please contact us today.

man made opal colors
synthetic opal color chart

Cubic Zirconia Cabochon Gemstones Wholesale Price Made in China

Cubic Zirconia Cabochon Gemstones Wholesale Price Made in China Supplier Manufacturer

Cabochon is flat base with smooth top on the crown, most of cabochon is round cabochon and oval cabochon. Cabochon is widely used for rings,  pendants and necklaces.Cabochon cubic zirconia are very hot sale and popular in synthetic gems markets. It's very cheap wholesale prices from us, we can supply bulk quantity at stable supply ability. Are you looking for cabochon synthetic gems? please feel free to contact us.

cabochon cubic zirconia
cabochon cubic zirconia

White Moissanite Rough Raw Material China Supplier

AAAAA Quality Loose Uncut Moissanite Raw Material Rough White Synthetic Moissanite Supplier

white moissanite rough
white moissanite rough

Material: Synthetic Moissanite
Color: White
Shape: Irregular

Asscher Cut Colored Cubic Zirconia Stones Loose Wholesale Price

AAAAA Quality 5x5mm - 10x10mm Asscher Cut Colored Cubic Zirconia Stones Loose Square Step Cut Chamfer Wholesale Price from China Supplier Manufacturer

Asscher Cut Colored Cubic Zirconia Loose
asscher cut colored cubic zirconia
Material: cubic zirconia
Color: white, pink, yellow, black, peridot, garnet, champagne, green, blue, lavender, purple, tanzanite, aquamarine, green
Size(mm): 5x5    6x6   7x7   8x8    9x9   10x10
MOQ: 100pcs

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AAAAA Quality Triangle Cut White Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

AAAAA Quality Triangle Cut White Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Price from Wuzhou China Manufacturer

Triangle cut is one of fancy cuts which have straight edges and three point corners with back point,  the faceting creating dazzling mesmerizing staircase effect. If you are going to get a lot of fire and  brilliance coming out of stone, triangle cut CZ will be your choice.  the Triangle cut has straight edges and pointed corners, whereas the Trillion cut is slightly curved. While the Trillion cut is based on the Brilliant style cut, the Triangle cut is a stepped facet cut. We are not only sell triangle cut cubic zirconia, but also sell trillion cut cubic zirconia stones. If you love to this timeless with triangle side CZ stone, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:  web:

Triangle Cut Cubic Zirconia AAAAA
Triangle Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones